Independent Retirement Planning in Easton, Ohio

Safe Harbor Retirement Group, LLC is an independent retirement planning group located near Easton Town Center, providing low-risk, personalized investment and wealth management strategies to clients in Central Ohio and the surrounding areas. In addition to retirement planning, Safe Harbor also consults with clients on tax support strategies, life insurance plans as well as long-term care and estate planning. Our goal is to provide our clients in Central Ohio with sound investment advice and balance the risks and fluctuations that we see in the markets.

Investment Resources

As an investment and retirement planning firm, we have worked with countless clients to create a strategy that will help them win their retirement goals. We offer several resources to our clients and prospective clients to help them educate themselves on the importance of retirement planning, understand their risk tolerance at the various stages of life, and provide analysis on the trends that we are seeing in the markets that may affect our Central Ohio clients and their investment portfolios.

Appointments at our Easton office

Our Easton office is conveniently located at the corner of Stelzer Road and Easton Way. If you would like to schedule time to meet with us at our Easton office, call (614) 760-0670 or complete the form below to schedule an appointment.