When you begin your research for Medicare coverage, you’ll find there are hundreds of different plans and combinations of options available to you.

We will work with you to make sure you understand the differences between each option (Medicare A and B, prescription drug plans, Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans) along with the pros, cons and costs associated with each.

Why you should work with Safe Harbor as you make decisions about Medicare:

  • We know one size does not fit all. We are licensed with almost every large insurance carrier in Ohio so your options are not limited.
  • We understand healthcare expenses play a large role in your financial wellbeing. That’s why we feel a responsibility to help you find the best coverage for your budget.
  • We do not believe one meeting or phone call is enough to make such an important decision. We want to make sure you understand your options and are able to ask the questions necessary to make the best choice for your healthcare needs.


  • We are independent and objective. We focus on helping you get the policy that works best for you – no matter which company provides the coverage.
  • We make sure your doctors and prescriptions are covered. It’s a necessary step not everyone takes.

Our firm is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the federal Medicare program or any other government agency.