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Cory Sickles, president of Safe Harbor, is a frequent guest on Daytime Columbus weekdays on NBC4 WCHM-TV. Daytime host Robyn Haines and Cory discuss various topics relevant for anyone concerned about their finances and financial future.

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Investing in a Volatile Market

Investing in a Volatile Market

Educate yourself before applying for your Social Security Benefits

Should I take a lump sum or monthly payments from my pension?

Investing in the Roth IRA

Invest in the market with Protection by using our Buffered Index Portfolio

Is an annuity right for you in retirement?

How to prepare for Long Term Care

Legacy and Estate Planning

Financial Goals for the New Year

Take Control of your 401(k) with Rollover Options

Passive vs Active Management – What is right for you?

Should you review your current Medicare plan during annual enrollment?

Divorced and Planning for Retirement

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