A Roth IRA can provide tax advantages as you save for retirement and is an account to which you contribute after tax dollars. There is no tax-benefit for the current tax year, but your contributions and earnings grow tax-free. After you reach the age of 59 ½ and your account has been open for a minimum of five years any withdrawals made are penalty-free. There are exceptions for withdrawals with no penalty prior to the age of 59 ½, but you will want to consult a CPA for these exceptions.

Are you eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA?

There is no age limit to open a Roth IRA, but there are income and contribution limits:

Annual Roth IRA contribution limits in 2023 are the same as traditional IRAs. You can contribute $6,500 a year if you’re under 50, or $7,500 if you’re 50 or older.

To contribute to a Roth IRA, single tax filers must have a modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) of less than $153,000 in 2023.

If married and filing jointly, your joint MAGI must be under $228,000 in 2023.

Benefits of a Roth IRA

No age restrictions for contributions — You may contribute to a Roth IRA as long as you have qualifying earned income. For 2023, here are the maximum annual contribution limits:

  • $6,500 if you are under the age of 50
  • $7,500 if you are age 50 or older

Earnings grow tax-free  — Your investment will have the potential to grow tax free with compound interest until you make a withdrawal.

Tax-free withdrawals — Withdrawals will be tax-free and penalty free if you are age 59 ½ or older and you have had the account open for a minimum of five years.

No required minimum distributions — Unlike a traditional IRA, you are not required to a take a required minimum distribution at the age of 73.

No income taxes paid for beneficiaries — Your beneficiaries will not pay income tax on any withdrawals.

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