Maximizing Social Security Benefits

  • Post Author: Once you start nearing retirement age, naturally, you will begin to start thinking about Social Security. For many people, Social Security represents a big chunk of their income in…

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What is Your Magic Number for Retirement

  • Post Author: If you’re like most people, you plan to retire at some point, whether that’s 5 years from now or 40 years from now. Unfortunately, the average investor dreams of…

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Leaving a Legacy with Estate Planning

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While it is certainly not enjoyable part of personal finance to discuss, estate planning is incredibly important. After all, most of us want to make sure our loved ones are taken…

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401k Mistakes to Avoid

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The 401k is an incredible investment vehicle to help you build your retirement funds over time, however, most people don’t take full advantage of all of the benefits their 401k…

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Planning For Retirement Inflation

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Impact of Inflation on Your Retirement Every time you go shopping, it seems like prices have gone up — from groceries to gas and everything in-between. Over the past 10…

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